How it Works

First, purchase one of our Golden Passbook regions or purchase all 3 regions for the best value. Remember, your purchase supports the Michigan Golf Course Owners Association efforts to continue its environmental and legislative advocacy efforts at state and local levels, keeping golf affordable and accessible for all Michigan golfers. We are a non-profit organization - all rounds have been donated for the Passbooks.   

Next, call a participating golf course and reserve your tee time - mention you are using your Golden Passbook.

Then, bring the Golden Passbook or Coupon  to the course and present it at check-in, and enjoy FREE golf. For a complete list of rules regarding using your Passbook see below.


NEW FOR 2018

The Golden Passbook coupons are perforated for individual play. Each page will contain two coupons. If the course is donating two rounds of golf, it will appear as two separate, one-player coupons. This adds more value to the Golden Passbook.  Now you and a friend can EACH purchase a Passbook and play every course twice (or in some cases four times) absolutely FREE.

For the low price of $450, the Golden Passbook now has absolutely FREE golf coupons, adding to the overall value of the 2018 Golden Passbook. With nearly 100 courses to choose from and minimal restrictions, Monday thru Thursday anytime and Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Holidays after 2:00, this is the best deal for golf in the State of Michigan.

2018 Golden Passbook Rules & Conditions

  1. When calling the golf course to make your tee time, be sure to tell them you would like to use your Golden Passbook as the rounds are based on availability. The golf course may set a limit on how many Passbooks it will allow on a given day.
  2. Groups more than 8 require pre-approval from the golf course to play. They reserve the right to schedule your tee time at one of their least busy times of the day.
  3. Present the Golden Passbook to the golf property’s staff who will complete the passbook page and remove it from your book. Passbook coupons may or may not be honored if they have been removed from the book. This is at the discretion of the golf course.
  4. The Passbooks to Michigan Golf may not be used for tournaments, league play, group outings or in conjunction with other special offers or discounts.
  5. Follow the rules of the course such as credit card policy, cancellations, dress code, etc.
  6.  The Golden Passbook requires the purchase of a cart.
  7. Please thank the golf course representative for their participation in the Passbook as each golf course donates these rounds of golf to the MGCOA so we can give you this great cost savings product.
  8. Please try to make a golf shop purchase or have lunch or dinner at the participating golf course. This always helps the golf course owner justify his donation and will help to keep them participating each year.

The Golden Passbook coupons expire on December 31, 2018.

Questions? Call the Michigan Golf Course Owners Association 800-860-8575 or e-mail us at